"Are you sure Hank Done it this a way?"
Waylon Jennings
Welcome to
Ron Wallace
Oklahoma Poetry from a Native Son

2013 - 2014 Reading Schedule:

June 8th   1:30          George Washington
                                   Elementary Reunion
                                   Durant, Oklahoma   
July 8th
7:00 PM        Aunt Marie's Place
                                    Medford, Oregon
July 13th  
10:30 AM    PSO  Summer Workshop
                                Twin Hills Golf & Country Club
                                   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
August 8th
 4:30        Paul's Valley Public Library
                                   210 N Willow ST.
                                    Paul's Valley, Oklahoma
Sept. 8th  
3:00 PM     New Orleans Public Library
                                   New Orleans, Louisiana
Nov  3rd  
11:00 AM Unitarian Universalist Church
                                   Denison, Texas
Nov 13  
4:00 Pm        Southeastern Ok State U.     
                                   Native American Symposium
                                  Glen D.Johnson Auditorium
                                  Durant, Oklahoma

Jan 30  
5:30 PM        Three Valley Museum
                                   Main Street
                                   Durant, Oklahoma
Apr 3    
9:30 AM        Scissortail Writer's Festival
                                   Estep Auditorium - ECU
                                   Ada, Oklahoma

Great write up in The Durant Daily Democrat Sunday December 6th, 2009: Tiara Blue did an
excellent job. Only my own communication skills left a need for a couple of corrections. My most
excellent publisher Jim Furber at TJMFPublishing isn't mentioned and he's chiefly responsible for
all my books in print so far. My scholarship offer was at Carl Albert JC rather than Southeastern, but
I like the idea of a SE Baseball scholarship so I may keep that in the bio.


Cowboys and Cantos  a new
collection of poems from
Come from Cowboys...and
and Oklahoma Cantos
with selected new and revised
poems  w
as a finalist in the
2013 Oklahoma Book Awards
$15 S&H included.