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In this remarkable little book, Ron Wallace plays the role of the tribal storyteller, taking us into the minds and hearts of those American men who played out the drama that was the Battle of Gettysburg, the pivotal event in the war... -- Ken Nye, author, Searching for the Spring--From the Heart Poetic Reflections of Maine


...To read Smoke and Stone is not only to come to know what is gained by the cost of war, such a cost -- but also to come to understand what is lost. Written with such heart and compassion by a man who honors both heroes and history with diligent research, Smoke and Stone is Wallace's second volume of poems, and one that I highly recommend. -- Lynn Doiron, author of Hand Wording (New and Selected Poems), winner of the Dominic J. Bazzenella Award in fiction

Smoke and Stone (The Voices of Gettysburg)

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