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Finalist for 2011 Oklahoma Book Award for Poetry. 




In Oklahoma Cantos, Ron Wallace has made poetry of Oklahoma: its landscapes, its climates, its clouds in various seasons, and most importantly, its citizens. This is not the Oklahoma of show-business legend, but something much closer to the truth of the land and the experience of its people --- wise, gritty, down to earth and beautiful. These are fine poems from the heart of a true poet. -- Carl Sennhenn, Oklahoma Poet Laureate 2001-2003, 2007 Oklahoma Book Award winner


I have come to think of Ron Wallace's life and work as a perfect expression of this prairie homeland we share and love. Our landscape is unpretentious, and not all can see its subtle beauty. Even fewer can make this land sing. Ron Wallace does just that with his words of unpretentious elegance. From beginning to end, this volume gives us poems as crystal clear as a rain-washed Oklahoma morning. I read Oklahoma Cantos with joy, and whenever I want to feel my homeland move in my heart, I'll read this work again. -- Carol Hamilton, Oklahoma Poet Laureate 1995-1997, 1992 Oklahoma Book Award winner


What a treasure Ron Wallace's poetry is!

Larry Minks, President of Southeastern Oklahoma State University 2010-2014

Oklahoma Cantos

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