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While the poetry you'll read in Ron Wallace's latest collection speaks of serious topics such as loss and the inescapable progression of time, you'll also find plenty of humor in these pages. His words bring to life his beloved Oklahoma prairies and skies, and his own family members. Wallace's reflections on childhood, his parents, and, of course, baseball, are heartwarming.


Available March 26, 2024.

Life is a Disappearing Act

  • A poetic masterpiece that skillfully navigates the delicate balance between serious contemplation and light-hearted humor. Through Wallace's eloquent verses, readers embark on a journey through the vast landscapes of Oklahoma, where the prairies and skies serve as poignant metaphors for life's transience. The collection addresses profound themes of loss and the inexorable passage of time with a rare blend of sensitivity and wit. Life Is a Disappearing Act is not merely a collection of poems; it's a lyrical exploration of the human condition that will resonate with readers, evoking both laughter and tears. -- Abigail L, Librarian


    Hey, poetry lovers, gather 'round because Ron Wallace just dropped a bomb of brilliance with Life Is a Disappearing Act! Imagine this – you dive into the pages expecting a somber Shakespearean dirge, but instead, you get hit with a poetic rollercoaster that's part deep contemplation, part stand-up comedy. It's like if your favorite sitcom had a baby with a Nobel laureate in literature, and that baby grew up to write poems about life, loss, and the absurdity of it all. Why should you snag a copy of this poetic gem? Well, if you've ever wanted poetry that feels like a conversation with a witty friend rather than a lecture from an old professor, this is your golden ticket. Wallace's words paint pictures of Oklahoma prairies and skies, but don't be fooled – this ain't your grandma's poetry about flowers and rainbows. It's real, it's raw, and it's ridiculously relatable. Life Is a Disappearing Act is the poetic pick-me-up you didn't know you needed – a hilarious, heartwarming, and downright delightful read that'll have you flipping pages like your life depends on it! -- Sue E., NetGalley Reviewer


    I am a big-time reader, but I have never been big on poetry. The first thing that grabbed me was the dog on the cover, then the title. Maybe it was because I just lost my own German Shepherd, Ghost, this past week. Or, maybe, just maybe, it came to me at a time I needed it. All I know is that when I saw this book, I just needed to read it. It was both powerful and healing. Each poem brings its own soul to the book as a whole. My favorites were "Comes November" and "On A Bus To Broken Bow." The one that really got me was "In My Father's Books." It has been just past 2 years since I lost my dad, and this one said a lot. Many others grabbed me as well.

    Tissues I would advise tissues. Im not crying. You're crying. Okay! Okay! Everyone is crying, but in a respectful manner. This was a lovely collection of poems that really hit home on many fronts. I absolutely loved this treasure. I want to thank Netgalley and the author for this book in return for my honest review. -- Stormi Ellis, Boundless Book Reviews


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