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2009 Oklahoma Writer's Federation Best Book of Poetry




Ron Wallace's latest collection of poems, I Come From Cowboys...and Indians, may be his best yet, and that's high praise. His poetry is highly visual, strongly sensual, celebrating the indomitable human spirit, revering the land and evoking the past, teasing us to see the familiar in new ways... -- Marion Moore Hill, award-winning author of Bookmarked for Murder, Deadly Will, and Death Books a Return


Ron Wallace is a storyteller in the finest sense of the word. I have never boarded a plane and visited Oklahoma, but I have felt its dirt beneath my feet, have gloried in its landscape, gazed in awe at eagles and high-flying hawks, listened to tales of the Choctaw and the Chickasaw and come to appreciate Ron's deep love for his family, his heritage, and his country. All of this, I have done through reading his poems. Read them and you, too, will come to know and love this gentle cowboy, whose big heart overflows with generosity and a deep passion for life. -- Sarah Louise Yagi, poet, author of Reflections From the Pool of Life and In the Stillness

I Come From Cowboys...and Indians

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